Thursday, October 9, 2008

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes!

ery Wednesday I take my girls to story time at the library. The lady who does it does an fabulous job! IT is always very well attended! Some times a little to well! But we love it regardless! Anyway I love watching my children develop in this setting (since I have taken all my kids since Ethan was 18 months old!) Hayden has gotten to the participate phase just recently and I love watching here. There is always a movement part to story time where we do Ring around the Rosie, Head shoulders knees and toes, and other moving kinds of things. She also has songs in between all the books. This really helps kids stay focused! Anyway Hayden just today I noticed she started doing head shoulders knees and toes only all she ever touches is knees and toes but I love it! Her other favorite part is ring around the Rosie and she has loved that part for quite a while! She has started doing hokey poky too! But I just had to get her on video doing head shoulders knees and toes. Oh and I don't think it shows up in the video but after story time we were headed out to the car and Hayden and Amelia always race me down the side walk to the car and Hayden was running and tried to stop at the curb and her feet stopped faster then her face.... she has some nice pink road rash on her nose, forehead. It was soooo sad. It happened in slow motion and I couldn't stop it. She cried like it was awful but there wasn't to much blood.... I think she will live. Here is the clip! Sorry you have to listen to me sing. You may want to turn your volume down!


Alli said...

She's so cute! Claire misses her - she talks about her a lot :)

Mo said...

That's hilarious! Of course, it's even funnier realizing that her knees and toes are sooooo much closer to her than mine are!