Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween projects!

Amelia and I love to do crafts on our "off day" of preschool. I have been wanting to do Halloween crafts with her and came across these in a book we have yesterday so we thought we would make them today. We had to make 4 of each because she is obsessed with the number 4 (because that is how old she is. I wonder if in Feb her favorite number will magically be 5?) Anyway we are going to hang these "lanterns" in the front window, or around the house. These are the only Halloween decorations we have other then our fake spider on our back door. We will have more this weekend after we go to the pumpkin patch! I think we will make a few other things I have found too. I just love doing crafts with my kids!
I love Halloween day and all the fun stuff I get to do with my kids like dressing them up, making a big deal out of the meals. For those of you who requested I do this a head of time I will tell you what we do for Halloween. For breakfast I make pancakes and dye them orange with food coloring. Or if you are fancy I bet you could make them with pumpkin or something like that. Maybe I will try that this year but at least they will be orange.... maybe chocolate chips to make a jack-o-lantern face... You never know how crazy I will get! Lunch I will cut my boys sandwiches out in the shape of a pumpkin or other cookie cutter that I have that is Halloween shaped. (Although I think they have that day off school so they could end up with orange colored "Ramen noodles" Then for dinner we will have our traditional Stuffed peppers. I buy the orange and yellow ones (the yellow turn orange when you cook them anyway). Only I cut them to look like Jack-O-Lanterns and stuff them with Spaghetti (this looks like worms crawling out!) they love this!!!! It is always fun! So I love Halloween I just don't decorate for it. But I do go a little crazy for Christmas decor though! I even wrap all my pictures on my wall so they look like hanging presents (really cheep decorations I use supper fancy bows and ribbon on them!) Anyway There are my Halloween ideas. After I posted my Valentine and St. Patrick's day dinners last year a few of you asked me to tell you in advanced when I do stuff like that so you could do them too if you wanted to. Good luck!
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Kim said...

Cute craft. I found a recipe for pumpkin pancakes the other day, you could even serve those on Halloween. Our kids even have the day off here. Hope your doing well.