Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Every once in a while my husband comes home with a frog. My kids love this because they get to play with them for a few minutes then we always take them to our neighbors pond and let them go. This is the first time Hayden has ever been big enough to "enjoy" this. I say "enjoy" because she thought the frog was sooooo funny, as long as it did NOT get close to her. If it got close enough to touch her she would cry! So no pictures of her holding the frog. This one was pretty big too!

Amelia with her "Frog Prince" I tried to get her to kiss it for the camera but I probably would have gagged if she had!

Close up of FROG!

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Julia said...

Okay what is the trick to catching them. We have frogs that big in our pond and I wanted to catch one to take to Avery's preschool but I can't catch them. That thing is huge!

Great Job on the 4 pounds keep it up! I am at a stand still right now and have seen no changes for about a week...yuck! But we did go out of town and I ate much differently than I do at home so that is part of it. Way to go Amanda keep it up. I'm off to do my workout!

Amanda said...

Larry does the catching. I don't hate frogs, I use to catch them when I was a little girl, but something about them now grosses me out a little now and I dont touch them. He cought it on top of a septic tank. (probably the reason they gross me out!) Have you tried a net?