Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"My Grandma"

Lately Amelia has had a really big attachment to my mom. She calls her "my grandma" and will randomly start crying or asking to go see her. She lives 3 hours away so it is a weekend to go see Grandma. Which we love to do but can't do every weekend obviously! So anyway Wed. last week we were taking Ethan to cub scouts and Amelia asked me if she could go and see her Grandma and I told her yes we were going Friday. So then she told me "mom I need to get a picture of me and my grandma to put on the wall in my bed room so I can always see her." So while we were there we took this picture! It is sooo sweet to me to see. Oh and Grandma is the one who made this very cute dress for Amelia. Hayden has a matching one! They love their dresses so much that I can hardly get them to wear another dress on Sunday.

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Mo said...

It is wonderful to be a special grandma. There is nothing better than having my grandchildren come running to see me and give me hugs. Maybe someday Hayden will be happy to see me instead of taking two days to warm up to me! I love them all!