Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Project Runway here I come!

Recently when I was finishing Hayden's birthday quilt Amelia wanted me to make Barbie clothes out of the scraps. I am not much for sewing. Quilts are about all I do. But I though I used to use fabric (or wash clothes) wrapped around my Barbies when I was little I can handle this. So the two of us sat and came up with this. I wanted to wrap the green over and around her shoulders so it would be more modest but this is what Amelia wanted.... Pretty snazzy with her awesome leg warmers I think! I especially love that we used the tiniest scraps to "tie" it all together! What do you think? Should I start a clothing line?
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Rachel said...

I LOVE♥ the show Project Runway!! I'm sad the season is over already.
Love Barbie's clothes you did great!!