Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to School!


Back to school!!! It's the most wonderful day of the year! I know some mom's cry when they take their kids back to school, and I have to admit that when they start Kindergarten I get a little bit teary. I will miss having Amelia around, she is such a sweet girl and a big helper. But I know she is so ready and very excited... Her big day isn't until tomorrow though so I will blog that later. Today just the boys. They were up early because they were so excited! Ethan kept posing like this because he said he thought it looked cool! Funny.
Brock was very excited also! New year new clothes, new teachers, new rooms, new friends! He picked out his very favorite shirt (yellow big surprise!) and his new backpack is yellow (shocking!) The only other choice would have been dinosaurs! Love this kid who is a little OCD about somethings!

Ethan was thrilled that this year they got their own desks! This is his first year not being at tables. Very big step!

Funny thing we took Brock to his class last and he gets a desk this year. He was pretty excited to get a desk this year too! Big deal!!! They looked so cute sitting in their desks this morning as I dropped them off.
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Of course after school I had their fresh home made cookies still warm from the oven for their 1st day of school snack! This is a tradition at our house that I like and think is just fun for them. They kind of expect it now. I have done it since Ethan started Kindergarten. I had one mom tell me that I am putting other mom's to shame but I don't think of it that way. I think that I just love to have little traditions with my kids. I fail them in lots of other ways, the least I can do is have little traditions with them that they will remember when they are grown up. Things like cookies on the first day of school, red dinner on Valentines day, green dinner on St. Patricks day, and other little things that really aren't hard just fun things that I hope my kids look back on as fun. Maybe it will make up for my short comings... We will see. I do love them and love having them back into school and into routine. It will give me time to get ready for baby! The Nesting is on!!! Larry and I cleaned the garage, our room, and I am working on living room today! Next will be the kitchen, then the kids bedrooms! Bring it on!!! We will be all set when this baby gets here.


Kelli said...

Love Ethan he looks so GQ! Where is a picture of Amelia I don't see one!!!

Alli said...

I love your little traditions. Those are the kind of things you remember and want to continue when you grow up.