Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kindergarten Girl!


Amelia was so excited for her first day of school! She hopped out of bed and got ready quickly this morning. She even held very still while I did her hair. She is typically very good while I do her hair but this morning was probably the most still she has sat in a long time! She wanted me to do her hair in what she calls "Princess Hair" I start with 5 pig tails on top and then split them and make 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 at the bottom and it ends up looking like a net. It is cute and she always gets lots of compliments on it.


After we got to the school I could tell she was a little bit nervous she didn't really want me to leave. She didn't cry but she held on to me a little. I told her she would have lots of fun and I would meet her at the bus stop. I knew she was worried about the bus because she had asked several times about how she would know which bus to get on and when to get off and all of that. But I have told her several times that the teacher would make sure she got on the right bus and I would be waiting for her at our street. So there was nothing to worry about. They are doing slow start for Kindergartners the first week which means only a few from each class goes each day (Tues-Thursday) then on Friday they all go. Today was her day and she only met half of her class but I know she will love it!
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When she got of the bus she was very happy and told me that she got to paint with her hands, read stories on the carpet, and play. She also reminded me that I forgot to pack a spoon in her lunch for her pudding so the school had to give her one, so next time I needed to remember to pack one. Over all it was a great first day! She loved it and can't wait to go back.
While she was gone Hayden and I went to my Doctor's appointment. I am almost 35 weeks and have gained 12 lbs. Which doesn't sound like a lot but I started heavier then ever and was hopping to not gain so much since I am now about 8 lbs heavier then I have ever been!!! But the Doctor says my weight is great and is not worried at all. (She doesn't have to loose it all though!) The not working out during this pregnancy is probably what is getting to me. Not that I work out a ton while I am pregnant but I do usually walk regularly. But I have been more "lazy" or easy going this time around because I get contractions very easy and didn't want to push it. But now that we are getting closer I am going to put my walking shoes on next week and see what happens... The baby is getting big (for me) and very active. Last night around 3 am I was laying awake (as usual) and the baby was jogging back and forth across the top of my belly. It made me kind of chuckle and I almost woke Larry up so he could feel it but I decided against it. It was really funny though. I love feeling the baby move and I really don't mind being pregnant but I have gotten to the point where I am uncomfortable, can't move, can't sleep, have heart burn all the time with out mega drugs, and am tired and crankier then ever... so it must be getting really close for the baby to come out! Maybe in a few more weeks!!! We will see. It feels good to be on the count down though. Now if we could just get the names picked out....


Kelli said...

Hurray Amelia! What a big girl. I can't believe your going to have a baby so soon!

We are a little family of four. said...

Back to school is so much fun. I hope you are doing great. Just a little longer and you will have that sweet bundle of joy in your arms. Hang in there and hope you are enjoying the school year too.