Wednesday, September 23, 2009

100 club!

Last summer I set a goal to fill every jar we own with home canned something! We just about made it. There were a few pints left... (which honestly I only use for jam, and relish and I made PLENTY of that!) So all my quarts were filled though. I was pretty stoked! Then this spring I looked in our garage, (6 months pregnant) and thought hmmmm look at all those empty jars. WHO ate all that food!?! Great now I am going to have to fill them up again and be pregnant while doing it!!! I was actually kind of sad. I decided it was good that we had emptied so many because that means we were using it and that was the purpose right? Right? Ok so I thought well I will just do the minimum to get us by for next year. Then we got started. Larry has been more help then I think is even fair for him but he has been amazing!!! Although at times I wanted to punch him when I would say bring home 3 boxes and he always came home with 4 or MORE!!! But when he would do most of the work and I was basically giving directions and helping I couldn't complain. So this year we have not only refilled our jars but ended up getting some out of a hidden storage in Larry's shop. And we bought a 3 boxes of 4 oz jars because we tried something new Jalapeno Jelly. Which is FABULOUS! So now I am just about to deliver a baby (I hope!!!) But really could be any day now, but tonight Larry and I surpassed my hopes from the beginning of the season and finished our 100th quart of spaghetti sauce!!! One sister from our ward said something in Relief Society about me canning 900 quarts while I am 9 months pregnant on Sunday and I have had at least 3 sisters since ask me about it. I kind of laugh and say no no it wasn't 900 jars this summer!!! Really I didn't can 900 quarts. I asked Larry where this sister might have gotten that number. (Thinking he said something while cleaning the church Saturday.) He said he told her that we have about 900 jars. So yes I probably do have 900 filled, but I didn't fill them all this year. But probably we filled more then 300. Thanks to my wonderful husband who helped a ton and would massage my feet when we were all done! The funny thing is that we aren't done. We still have some tomatoes in our garden to can and we have a neighbor tell us he was going to bring us some too. I keep hoping we can finish this up so we can clean up the mess, put stuff away so that I can finish my "nesting" but I am ready for the baby to get here so I guess I can wait and let Larry clean it up if the baby comes before we finish. Hoping for this weekend!


Rachel said...

Okay you win! I can't believe how many jars you have. We have very little. But I have filled them all and that does feel good. But knowing come next summer I have to do this all over again. Sigh... It just makes me tired!

Hope baby makes his/her appearance soon! :) Good luck!

Kelli said...

You rock!

The Gatherums said...

wow, you both are amazing. Simply amazing.