Saturday, September 19, 2009

Opening day of Soccer!

Last weekend the kids had placement day for soccer and this weekend they had their first games! It was a pretty crazy week getting all three of them to their practices at all different ends of town but we managed. It will be the same way for the next 6 weeks! Oh and throw a brand new baby in the middle of it! But I am sure some how we will manage it all. Today started with a bang. Amelia's game started at 8:30 (which means getting to the field before that for a warm up) Thankfully it was also our ward's big cleaning day at the building. We always do a deep clean before we hand it over to the other ward, that was today! So Larry and I did some divide and conquer. I took the 3 to soccer and he took the grumpy little one to the church to help clean. This made my life easier getting 3 kids to their different fields and be able to watch most of the game much easier. I know Brock's picture is on here first but that is because I am having a problem seeing my pictures while I post, which means I can't move them!!! AAARRR! So they get stuck in what ever order I can get them to even down load....

This was the best action shot I could get of Brock because his game wasn't until 11:30 (the last one). And by then Larry had to leave for work and had dropped Hayden off and I kind of had one eye on the field one on the play ground. He did a great job staying in the game and following directions. I was very proud of him. They only lost by one point.

This is one of Amelia with her coach. This is the first time one of my kids hasn't had one of the parents coach their team. He is a student at Western and is doing a great job keeping it on their level, encouraging them, making it fun. The whole thing. She really likes him. At one point she bonked heads with another kid and got a little teary and he picked her up and brought her to me, then once she fell and got her hands dirty and I saw him hold his shirt out so she could wipe her hands. It was pretty funny. I don't know this guy by I think he will make a good dad some day. He seems to have little kids down. The other one is my favorite shot of her in action. She is smiling so big and going for it. She gets disappointed when she doesn't get the ball but she tries hard. It is pretty cute to watch her kind of skip and run at times. Her team won!

Ethan is number 53! I was really happy with how well he plays. He really watches the ball and goes for it. When he was on defence he stayed back but tracked the ball as it came down to them and helped his team keep it away from the goalie. He played goalie for a short time (his coach really rotated them well). He did great there too keeping the ball out and paying attention. It is amazing to me how far they come. I remember when he did pee wee soccer wondering if he would get it...

I like this picture of him going for it also. He really stayed in the game and as you can tell from the picture it was raining. It rained about half of Amelia's game, then rained ALL of Ethan's game and pretty hard too! Finally it let up for Brock's game! It had to rain it was opening day I guess! But the kids were all good sports through it. They only cancel games if there is lightning.

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This last one of Brock #30 is pretty cute. He and Amelia are both #30. They think that is cool and Ethan is #53. Brock informed me that they all have a 3 in their number! Boy is it going to be a busy month!

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