Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kids update....

So there are some funny things my kids have been doing lately that I don't want to forget that I thought I would just write down. Lately Hayden will tell me "I don't like that" to what ever the food is that she thinks she might not like. Even though sometimes it is something she has eaten before and loved! I don't push it I just put it on the plate and figure we'll see what happens. Most of the time she will see her brothers and sister eating this and she will taste it and then with a really cute surprised voice say, "I do like it! I do like this!" It cracks me up because it makes me think of Green Eggs and Ham. She will tell me she doesn't like it and then decide I do like it! She is also really into being "independent" She wants to do it herself. She will tell me "I do it!" What ever it is, buckling her seat belt, buttering her toast, cutting her food... what ever the task is. Again I figure why fight it she has to learn it some time anyway. So I let her try (unless I am in a huge hurry which involves a huge screaming fit) But after just a minute she will say, "I need help." I love that she wants to try but is still willing to accept help when needed. Even though most of the time she won't accept the help from daddy, only mommy! I think this will change when baby gets here... Hayden is also really into getting me to watch her do what ever it is she is up to. Usually her trick is jumping off of something (usually the bottom step of the stairs. She will tell me "watch me mama!" So I will look and she will count to 10 then say blast off! And hop off the step. It is pretty cute. She also knows most of her colors, and some shapes! I think she is brilliant! I know I am biased but I don't think Ethan could count to 10 before he was 3, or know as many colors as she does... I am sure it has a lot to do with the coaching she gets from her 3 older siblings but I think she is amazing!
The boys are very interesting lately too.... With the impending birth of our 5th child there have been lots and lots of questions from our boys! They amaze me at the things they ask about, and what they come up with. I don't remember having these questions as a kid but my mom didn't have a baby when I was 9 or 7. Her last one was when I was almost 3. But having bigger kids has opened up a whole new vocabulary at our house, as well as late night topics. Although not always late at night. We often have these questions come up on the way to school, soccer practice.... It is quiet interesting the things they come up with. But I feel confident that my boys now know exactly how babies are made, and how they are born. Both ways! Brock was very fascinated, and worried about the option of c-sections so we actually found one on line and let them watch and have explained that mommy will not die if they have to do this. I had a Doctor's appointment Monday and we knew there was a chance that I might go to the hospital to have the baby from there... (that was the hope anyway!) When the boys got home from school Brock walked in looked at me very puzzled and said, "did you have the baby today?" I chuckled a little and told him no, I wouldn't be home if I had. I told him that the baby was going to be born on Friday and then a whole other gamete of questions came as to how do I know and how can the Doctor make me have the baby.... It is kind of funny. My boys even know now that the doctors can take "eggs and seeds" and put them in another mommy so she can have a baby. It is pretty interesting the things we talk about in our house now days.
Amelia is kind of stuck in the middle of it all. She is loving kindergarten, and soccer. She seems to be distracted enough by all of that that she doesn't pay a whole lot of attention to the rest of the goings on. She will join conversations if the boys are asking questions and she is there, but I think she is just more excited about Grandma coming and spending some time here then any of the rest of it. Oh not to say she isn't excited about having a baby, I know she is going to love love love having a baby and will mother hen this baby, I just don't think she is as concerned with the hows and whys there is a baby coming. Either that or she is just holding it all in better because she is waking me up at least one time a week if not more with "bad dreams" Which I think could be stress related, I am not sure. She had me up 2 times last night which really stunk because it was the first night in a few days that contractions weren't keeping me awake! I think I am getting better at sleeping through them because I still hurt in the morning like I had been having them I just am getting immune to the pain...
It is quiet the interesting time in our house waiting for this baby to come! Only a few more days thankfully!!! We will post to let everyone know what we have when baby gets here!

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