Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

We have a favorite pumpkin patch. We have gone there almost every year since we have had kids! The last 2 years they were closed and we were very sad! We always get these giant pumpkins there and for the last 2 years we haven't had one because we haven't been able to find one! We were very happy to see their signs up again this year and went back to get our giant pumpkin!

They always have a fun little hay maze for the kids. They always like this part. They also have a corn maze, hay rides, slides, a corn box (instead of a sand box). And tons more! We love this place. Hayden just looked so cute sitting there I couldn't help myself.

We have lots of fun looking for the perfect pumpkin. We pick one giant one for the family and then we let each of the kids pick out their very own pumpkin. Larry and I always pick one or two too. I liked this picture of Amelia sitting in the wheel barrow of pumpkins. We filled that and a big wagon!

We gave Hayden a ride in the wagon on top of the pumpkins. She didn't like it so much because it didn't feel steady I guess and it was kind of a bumpy ride. But she sure looked cute sitting up there!

Our kids love the hunt for the perfect giant pumpkin. We started this giant pumpkin tradition the very first year we had Ethan. He was only 8 months old but I knew I wanted a picture of him naked in a big pumpkin so we bought one to put him in. We have done it every year since then. This year Ethan kept telling me that the pumpkins didn't look as big as the ones we usually get. I told him they are just as big as they always have been but they look smaller because he has grown so much. I reminded he would fit in there when he was little but now he is 9 and a half so he is bigger then they are. It made him a little sad that he couldn't get into the pumpkins anymore.

Here is Ethan picking his pumpkin. He is so big!

Brock was pretty cute picking pumpkins. He liked the big ones, but liked finding ones that are funny shaped and colored. He found one that looks like a top, and several others that he thought was fun. But ended up finding the perfect one!

Hayden thought the whole thing was a lot of fun! I am pretty sure she doesn't remember last year since she was almost 2. So it was "new" to her. But she sure loved looking at all the fun pumpkins. She really loved the "baby" pumpkins!

Now our front porch is covered with beautiful pumpkins, gourds, and corn stalks. I am not really into all the ghoulish Halloween decor but love all the fall natural stuff. So most of my decorations get thrown away every year after Halloween because they are rotten. But it sure looks pretty now!!! Oh we have "added" spider webs and spiders to the front porch too. Well does it count if you just didn't sweep them away and they are "natural" also? Because technically I didn't put them there. I just left them there.
Oh and just so you all know... NO The baby has not been born yet!!!! I am now "over due" compared to the rest of my 4 children! I am praying this baby will come soon because my body is DONE! But I can't complain to much I guess because at least I am not constantly having contractions, although if I was I know I could actually have this baby pretty quickly since I am half way there anyway! Anyway we are doing good and holding on. Hopefully not for long!

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