Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Day

Here is our little pumpkin in her first Halloween shirt. A sweet sister in our ward gave this to her. I just love it! I will wear it all the way through Thanksgiving I think! She is so sweet!

This is our traditional Halloween dinner. I make stuffed peppers with Spaghetti in them so it looks like a jack-o-lantern with worms crawling out. Our kids totally love it and it is always lots of fun. I think I prefer them with the rice and beans in them so I think next year I will make them differently. Brock wanted to know where I got peppers like that Larry tried telling him they grew like that. I told him I just cut them with a knife.

This was our most fun costume this year! Ruth got to be a Baby Ruth candy bar. I had fun making it. It was totally easy and we got lots of compliments on it. Mostly because it is funny! I wished we had all gone as some kind of candy though. I have ideas for all of us for next year though... so maybe next year we will all be candy bars... We will see if I can get my kids to agree to it. She did look pretty cute in her tiny "fun sized" candy wrapper!

Hayden loved being a dog. Or as she would tell people a Puppy! She really got into panting and sticking out her tongue. She is a funny girl!

Amelia ended up being Snow White. I actually bought this for Hayden because that is what she wanted to be but I put it on her a few days for Halloween so we could go to the library and she promptly told me it was itchy and took it off. She would NOT wear it. So I got out one of our old costumes for her and she agreed to let Amelia have it. Amelia said she would be Snow White this year and she would wear the other costume I bought her next year since it is big enough it will fit her next year too. (Unless she grows like a foot this year!) She made a beautiful blond Snow White though!

Brock wanted to be a dinosaur again.

Here is Ethan in his Harry Potter Costume! I know totally original! I think this years theme must have been unoriginal for our family. But the kids all got what they wanted so that is all that matters right! Oh and it was totally easy for mom!


Kelli said...

They look so cute! I love the Babay Ruth what a great idea!

Annette said...

Baby Ruth is sooo perfect! I don't think the kids' costumes are unoriginal either. Its always fun for them to pick out what they want to be. Way to go!