Monday, January 24, 2011

Ballet and Bikes

Hayden started dance at the begining of the month. She takes at the same place Amelia has been going and her class is right before Amelia's so it works out perfect! She LOVES it and is sooooo cute in her little dance clothes! I love it! I know I put a bunch of pictures but really she is so darn cute! She is getting tap too but my batteries died so I didn't get pictures of that.

Saturday Daddy took Amelia's training wheels off. She has been riding with them way up for a while but since they ride everyday to school I wasn't to sure about taking them off and having her struggle the whole way there and back. But Larry saw her ride and Ethan kept saying they never touch so they came off this week. Sure enough she just flew past, turns, stops and starts NO PROBLEM!


Kelli said...

She is super cute!!

Corina said...

yay for amelia!! and hayden is adorable in her ballet outfit!!