Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010/ plus New Years... (yeah I know I am a slacker!)

Not the best picture I know but with a huge tree like ours there isn't really a way to get it all in the shot! As you can see Santa found our house! Not sure why there was some NAUGHTINESS this year!!! But there must be some kind of accident forgiveness plan just like Allstate, because he sure delivered!

Not pictured is Larry got a Gun (his first one ever!), a new bottle of cologne. He had run out of the stuff I bought him the year we got married and I have to admit now that he has it and is wearing it again... oooo laaa laaa nice to have my husband smell like my husband again!!! MMMMMMM!!!! Larry spoiled me by getting everything on my list! Slippers, rolling pin, scrubby for dishes, hair dryer, and as tradition... My year+ supply of Bath and Body works lotion and body washes. MMMMM!
I don't think you can see it well but this is the Barn and horses that Santa brought for Ruth. She was ok with them on Christmas, other stuff was a little more exciting! But now she loves them!!!! She loves her soft fuzzy horses. Plus I think all the carousel riding makes her love them more... not sure. Either that or she is like all my girls, well kids at this age and LOVES animals! She does NOT like others to play with her cute ponies!

Amelia had an amazing Christmas as well. She really wanted the new Rapunzel Barbie with the Flinn Rider (the prince?) and his Horse. Santa totally delivered (at much stress may I add!) She was totally thrilled!!!! Santa also surprised her with something else. She has been asking for months to get her ears pierced. I thought she should wait till she was 8 but her daddy must have told Santa that it was ok and he thought she was old enough because Santa delivered 3 pairs of earrings to her stocking. I asked her how she was going to wear those since she didn't have pierced ears and noticed there was a gift card to Claire's so she could get her ears pierced! I took her Thursday after Christmas to get them done! The pictures didn't come out great so I will post some later! She is thrilled and shows EVERYONE! It was fun taking her too! We made a day of it, went to lunch and went craft shopping while we were out! So much fun to spend the day just with her. I don't think I have done that many times (she is the middle child you know!) But it was so much fun. What a sweet girl!

We got Brock a new Hamster Habitat for his Zhu Zhus. He didn't ask for one but LOVES IT!

All Hayden asked for was a Purple Princes Flashlight. Santa again came through but he also threw in a couple Zhu Zhu pets which she fell in love with! (Of course what she asks for every night and what she wanted to take to Grandma's was the flash light! High light of Christmas!!!) The kids also decided to make or give gifts of themselves this year which was pretty cute/funny. Ethan made cute coupon books for him to do jobs for all his siblings! Totally cute. I helped him make them on the computer and he made them into books. Amelia found things of her own she wanted to give to her siblings. Brock got some of her Barbie stuff that she thought he would like for his Zhu Zhus (don't laugh he actually already has some of her stuff and he loves what she gave him. They are little pillows and blankest) Amelia also wrapped a pair of Hayden's socks up and gave them to Hayden. This is funny because Hayden hardly EVER wears socks! Hayden's face was so funny! She was like "what is this? Why would someone wrap my own socks up? A little disappointed but not wanting to be rude" So she just set them aside. Not 5 minutes latter she says, "Hey my feet are cold! I am going to put these on!" Like I just realized this is a great gift even if they were already mine! It cracked me up and thought ya know, this is what Christmas is all about, loving each other and feeling like what we have already is really enough, sometimes we just need to remember that! It was sweet that even at 4 Hayden knew not to make a stink about not being "happy" about the gift, but then knew how to be happy about what she was "given". It was a silly thing but it actually warmed my heart and made me feel a little teary and mushy inside!

This year was dobbed the "best Christmas EVER" by Brock and Ethan since Santa totally came through and got a WII! I wish I had gotten pictures or video of them opening it! Over the top excitement. I am sure the entire neighborhood heard! But I am totally lame and am not the best at pictures on Christmas morning. I am usually busy trying to live it and watch... so alas here is Ethan enjoying his Harry Potter Lego WII game! I say it was one of the best Christmas' ever because of many reasons, we were so blessed! And the whole day was just so nice. There wasn't fighting, contention or me being upset... just a nice peaceful day! That made MY Christmas the best. Even Christmas dinner was just so relaxing. We did a lot of the stuff (desserts) the day before, and then while I was cooking the last bits of it I just got to visit with my Aunt Rocky and her friend. It was all just relaxed, not rushed, and fun! I even got to play for a short time on the WII! We also had the Missionaries over for Christmas morning (which is something my family did many years I was growing up) That was a lot of fun. One of our Elders was going home in just a few days, and the other this is his first area and he is from Fiji. My kids love both of them and they were a joy to have in our home! They were shocked that Santa knew they were coming to our house and even left them some stockings!

Amelia and Lia got twin Grammy jammies this year for Christmas. Every year my mom gets the kids PJ's (which they all call Grammy Jammies) and something else. They all look forward to them! The girls were thrilled to be twins! They even had a sleep over in them!!! Ethan got matching with Brigham but they weren't all that apt for posing in them like the girls were! Each of my kids got a craft, book, or game from Grandma. They were all way excited! Amelia got a sewing kit to learn to embroidery Which she really wanted and LOVES! Brock got a box of craft supplies (pipe cleaners pom poms and what not HE LOVES IT!!! He will sit and look at it for hours planning what he is going to make! Ethan got a game and played it with all his cousins, Hayden got Play dough. She LOVES play dough. One night after they were done playing with it she was cleaning it up and Brigham was trying to help her she yelled at him and said, "I don't like it when boys touch my special stuff!" Ruth got a book which she loves. She loves turning pages and pointing at pictures. So cute!!!

We went to Grandma and Grandpa's in Prineville on Monday after Christmas. Daddy had to stay home and work. But Aunt Emily was in town from Vegas so we went to spend time with family for a couple of days! We drove through LOTS of snow to get there. If daddy had gone with us I am sure we would have played in the snow! Sorry not many pictures again.... I swear I have gotten terrible about taking pictures as of lately! I am so busy I just don't always think to pick it up even though I brought it with me! I just am caught up in the moment. Which is nice at the time, but sad later because I have a TERRIBLE memory and chances are if I didn't take pictures I WON'T Remember it!!!! So just so I don't forget...I gave Emily a box of hair for Christmas which she "loved" can you get sarcasm on a blog.... (it was the gag gift!) but I also got her a nice spoon bracelet, measuring cups, and candy! It was fun to hang out with her while we were there and Ruth warmed up to her enough she drenched her the morning we were leaving with her slobbery kisses! Which is an honor because she usually saves those for me and her daddy! I also learned how to play Farkle and it was so much fun playing that with Emily and my parents and then the next night with Sunny, Angela, Johnnie, Emily and parents! Speaking of Johnnie she also made my Christmas. For school she had to write a paper on some one you admire and she wrote about me! Then she sent it to me for Christmas. It was so sweet and it brought tears to my eyes! I love that girl! She was my first Niece and I loved her from the second I saw her, she was the reason I had Ethan so soon after being married, she made me want to have one of my own, and I hadn't ever loved a baby as much as I loved her before (and I always loved babies!) Thanks Johnnie Mae!
We found out that the carousel in Salem does a food drive on New Years day and if you bring in food you can ride the carousel for free as many times as you want from noon to 4! We took advantage of that. We took in 5 items per person (still a savings over what it would have cost to ride!) We rode 5 times and the kids loved it! Ruth was so excited as soon as we walked in the door. Her face was just so lit up the whole time. They all had a great time. It was totally worth the time! It was a fun afternoon! Plus afterwards we went to lunch and then to the fabric store more fun for me but the kids were excited about that as well since I let them get something out of the dollar bin!

Sorry this is so long, there was lots to cover and I am not even covering it all! I kept going back on here and adding more...But it was a wonderful holiday!


Mo said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all! Aren't we a lucky family?

Denise G said...

love seeing your Christmas photos. Looks like someone is enjoying the Wii.

Denise G said...

The presents look so pretty under the tree. I love Christmas.