Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Day!

Larry and I decided we wanted to take the kids sledding Saturday. (Well we decided before that but we went on Saturday!) The weather was great. It was cold and snowy off and on. (I hate sledding when it is raining because then it is just slush!) Anyway the kids were so excited to go and it was so much fun. On our way home they all said thank you for taking them and that they had had a great time! Those are the times when I am just glad we did something fun as a family and we all had fun! Oh and no one got hurt!

We packed a lunch and snacks to take with us. We also took a little stove, water and hot chocolate. So we had lunch after some sledding and then were ready for some more snow fun and Ruth was ready for a nap. I sat in the truck with her sleeping on me while Larry helped the kids dig a really cool snow fort! When Ruth woke up and was ready to play some more we came out to this!

Hayden is a cute little snow bunny! She liked to eat the snow, and play with snow balls.

Amelia and Ethan were my die hard sledders. She would go up and down the hill all day I think! Ethan was always on the go so I have no pictures of him actually sledding!

If you can't tell from these pictures Ruth LOVED the snow! I don't think we have ever had a baby love it this much this young. She smiles and laughed while Larry pulled her up the hill and the whole time down! (Don't worry he didn't go to the top of the hill just little rides for the baby!) Anyway she loved it she would also crawl around on the snow it was so funny! I don't think I have ever seen a baby crawl in the snow. The funny thing to me is she HATED the beach (like scream and cry the whole time your there even if it is warm....) but LOVED the snow!

Brock loved the snow but got tired of walking up the hill... He had a great time though!

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