Saturday, January 8, 2011

Beautiful Kids!

I love these kids and I am so blessed to have each and everyone of them! Thanks Julia for taking beautiful pictures of me sweet kids!!!

Ethan is getting so big I can hardly believe it. I am sure he will out grow me this coming year. I know not a huge accomplishment but it is a big deal when your kid out grows you! He is a huge help, sweet, forgiving, and smart. I love this boy and am so so glad that he is my boy!

I love these "crazy teeth" pictures you get of kids when they are at this age, loosing and getting new ones and they don't quiet all fit! We have one of Ethan that when we got it at first I thought EWWW now I love it because it just shows a stage that is here and gone so quickly. He is growing up so fast, and I think I forget it and try to keep him my little Brock... I love this boy, he is kind, thoughtful, grateful, creative, and sweet!

Who wouldn't love this face! This girl keeps me on my toes, makes me laugh, and brings joy to every day!!! I love her!

Ruth is such a sweet girl! This year has flown by! She is so fun for everyone, she loves to play peek a boo, make her silly face, and just recently started standing up in the middle of the room and looking around to see if everyone has seen! Quite the entertainer!!!

I can't believe how big she looks, and is! I love this sweet girl!

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Julia Shinkle said...

Ok it looks like you got them! Awesome! Everything you said about them is right on! You are such a good Mom Amanda.