Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brock' Real birthday

OK confessions of a BAD mom! I have had a HUGE project going on and it won't be done for a while longer... I can't talk about it on my blog yet because it is a SECRET project and someone who reads my blog occasionally is the recipient so I won't disclose what the project is until it is done... this being said I have been trying to work on that, watch 2 extras 3 days a week, serve in my calling, be a mom to 5 kids, we had a dance recital, and, and and.... you get the idea. Not a lot of sitting time at the computer that is not involving doing things that HAVE To be done. Anyway along with my confessions I get to the dance recital with my camera and fresh batteries (I knew they were getting low so I put new ones it I wouldn't want them to die!) and found that my memory card was still in the computer!!! Classic. I have done this before here is the kicker, I did it AGAIN the next day when we took the kids to the beach to go camping. I was totally bummed because the girls were so cute (I did get video on our video camera but I don NOT know how to down load those!)Hayden seemed a little nervous before they went on stage but she did great! Amelia was my "seasoned pro" She did a great job as well. Plus on the beach Ruth was so so so cute. Last year she hated the beach and would cry the whole time we were there! But she LOVED it this year and would run to the waves with her arms wide open calling to them. It was so funny! We had to keep chasing and catching her to keep her out of the water. It is May and that water is COLD! Plus she is a tiny peanut and the smallest wave would take her out. It was a really fun camping trip though. The weather was great. No rain, no wind, not to cold. Couldn't ask for much more! We all had a great time.

Brock really wanted a new bike for his birthday! He has been asking and even made a list of all the things he wanted on his list. (It was so cute!) He wanted shocks, hand breaks, "changing" gears, a kick stand, water bottle holder, and he wanted it to be yellow. He got all but the last 3 and 2 of those can be added if he wants. He was still thrilled and loves his new bike! The part I love is that I had also given him an art kit. (That was all he opened from us) he was totally excited about it and was checking it out totally happy with it, then dad walked in with the bike! I am so glad he didn't throw a fit and act disappointed about the art kit. It just goes to show how sweet and easy to please he is. It just makes it so much more fun to give him what he really wants because he is so excited about it and so grateful that he has said thank you everyday since.
Brock chose cherry and strawberry cheese cake for his birthday!

I also have not blogged about Mother's day yet. I really should because I have to admit it is probably one of the best ones I have ever had (As being the mom that is). But I really should get to making dinner my family is going crazy! Again no time... anyway Lets put it this way. I got a new sewing machine, my husband made an amazing breakfast and dinner (we don't really have lunch we have snacks because of the time of church...) He also made lemon mirange pie from scratch my favorite. On top of it my kids made cute cards, (Brock made a bracelet at scouts which I love and wore to church!) And there was very little fighting. It was a peaceful day and I loved it. My husband went the extra mile and my kids really really tried hard to make it a good day. No pictures of course!

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Joe and Mary said...

I still don't know how you do all the things you do. You're my hero!