Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hayden's Dance Costumes

Hayden in her Bunny Ballet costume! She Loves this dance and Loves this costume! I have to admit it is pretty dang cute!

Here they tried dancing in them. The ears were hard the first run through for Hayden but I helper her adjust them some and she did fine the second run through!

Are not all these little girls so cute in their costumes. There is one little girl in this class that makes me think of my niece Lia, just her coloring and some of her mannerisms. I found out yesterday her name is Italy. Which made me grin because Lia's name is Australia! CUTE!

Hayden's Tap costume. I was afraid she wouldn't put it on at all... She took one look at those sequins and said in a very cautious voice, "mom it looks like it might be itchy." I assured her the sequins wouldn't be touching her skin and she wouldn't have to wear it very long. She did great!

Their recital isn't until May 19th but the little girls need to have a "dress rehearsal" I guess so that mom's who have girls like Hayden can mentally prepare their kid to wear something they may not be crazy about at first. At least she was totally into it and was easily persuaded! (This time!) Plus it gave us lots of time to get pictures, some times on show night there isn't a lot of that. I am sure I will post more when the time comes, you will want to see Amelia's as well.

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Corina said...

oh my cuteness!! she is so adorable!! i NEED a little girl so i can do this too!!