Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend.

Ok so again I am LAME! I took my camera with me to Prineville for Memorial Day weekend. Know what I did... Never took it out of the bag! I do this more and more lately. So sorry! I need to get better about taking pictures again. We had a lot of fun. So you can picture in your mind these things that we did.
Here is Hayden she had a snotty nose and a cough the whole time we were there. But she had lots of fun playing Toy Story 3 Yatzee with Grandma. In fact she said "This is the best day ever." (This is her new favorite thing to say thanks to Tangled and she says it every time she is having fun. I love it!)
Her is your mental picture of Ruth who also had a runny nose (no cough) but wanted me to hold her most of the weekend and didn't want Grandma or Uncle Sunny to hold her. She would go to Grandma for chocolate though. She did enjoy playing outside for a while on Monday.
You can mentally picture Brock taking rides on the 4 wheeler, burning stuff in the fire, playing with his cousins and shooting ever pop can Grandma would let him have with his brand new BB gun he bought with his birthday money! Oh yeah happy happy boy!
Ethan also took rides on the 4 wheeler, shot his BB gun, and burned stuff in the fire. Oh they boys also helped a stack some of the wood Grandpa chopped onto the wood pile.
Picture Amelia spending Saturday playing with her cousin Lia in the rain with umbrella's, playing Yatzee with Grandma, Lia and Hayden. (They loved it every time Grandma rolled the "bad guy") She also played out side pulling weeds, and riding the 4 wheeler.
Here is a wonderful picture of me reading Mr. Poppers Penguins to my family on the drive to Prineville. (We Saw that they made it into a movie, I had read the book as a child and thought if we are going to see the movie we should read the book first. Which is the way we like to do it usually) Here is another one of me feeling very very sick on Saturday and Sunday. Luckily I found out my dad had Anti-biotic on hand and we got things taken care of lickety split! But I had fun tying a few quilts with my mom and sister in law Angela (when Ruth wasn't clinging to me). I also went for a run all the way down my moms drive way on Saturday AM (before I started feeling sick) You are probably thing, ran down the drive way... big deal, well their drive way is over a mile long and I ran it there and back, and for some reason I learned I HATE running on gravel! I also helped in the kitchen a bunch. Monday I also went with my mom to take flowers to my Grandma Nola's grave. We stopped by a few others that were there that we knew as well.
Larry enjoyed helping chop, and stack wood on Monday, as well as went to an estate sale and found me some AMAZING stuff for me to paint for the bazaar this fall! He also spent Saturday working on pumps and other MAN stuff with my dad and brothers. OH he also got to shoot his 17 including using a few gofers as target practice. It may sound like a boring uneventful trip but we love to go and spend fun time with family.
Here is the BEST picture of the weekend though!!! Mom/ Grandma did an object lesson on keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and she made a Sundae, (Sunday) with Taco sauce, BBQ sauce, Soy sauce, mustard... A whole bunch of gross stuff and she likened it to putting stuff in our Sunday that ruins it, like going to the store, the movies, or doing yard work, lots of things that aren't really Sunday activities, it ruins the Sundae. So then she made a real Sundae (Sunday) and added chocolate, caramel, sprinkles, brownie... and likened it to all the good things that we can do on Sunday that make the day great! The kids LOVED it then we all cheered GO GO GO and pressured my brother Sunny into tasting the GROSS Sundae! It was so funny. My kids were laughing and having a great time! Brock kept saying it over and over after he did it "I can't believe he ate it!" To be honest I can't believe it either this is my brother who does NOT like to try new things or anything he thinks might be Gross! It was a lot of fun!

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It was a great weekend making memories!