Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brock's Birthday Party

I know Brock's birthday is a week away! But... next weekend we really wanted to go camping since this weekend we had a ward activity on Friday night. So we decided to have the birthday party a week early, go camping next Friday night then we will do family party on his actual birthday (Sunday the 22nd). He invited friends over for lunch and cake, then we all went swimming at the Dallas Aquatic center. It was a lot of fun. Brock informed me that it was the best birthday ever! I won't remind him that he tells me that every year! So I guess, the less work I do the better off I am, I did so little for this party, I bought the ice cream cake at the grocery store, bought pizza, then took them to the pool! Easy peasy as my kids would say. Great day!

At the pool the kids loved the rope swing. I have to say I had so much fun watching them I gave it a try too! I was impressed with Ethan's back flip off the rope swing!

Brock had to take the swim test to get the ok to go down the big water slide. He passed just fine! He had to go off the diving board and swim the entire length of the pool! I am so proud of him! He was a little to "short" to go down but they said if he passed the swim test he could do it and he did great!

Ruth and Hayden loved the water! Ruth is a natural little fish! It was a lot of fun for them but Ruth was out in the car in the 10 minute car ride home! Sorry I got no pictures of Amelia and Ava. I hardly ever saw them other then when I went in the "deeper" pool and I wasn't taking my camera in the pool!

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