Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Tree hunting...

The weather was perfect for getting a Christmas tree today. We usually go the first weekend in December but since we had sick kids Thanksgiving and the day after we couldn't go to Prineville like we had planned so we thought we would go today since the weather was nice.  We love this tree farm. They are cheep and they have lots and lots of huge ones and that is what we like! BIG!

Ruth had a BLAST! She wanted to play in the mud more but mean mommy wouldn't let her!  She was really good for pictures though which is not normally the case! She would stay put long enough to get some good ones! (Yes I made these shirts for the girls. I also sold 4 at the bazaar!)

Sweet Amelia. I let her get her picture done first since she is the middle kid and always ends up going in the middle (some times we go youngest to oldest sometimes we go oldest to youngest....)

Hayden cute as usual. She only wanted to do silly face pictures but I lucked out with this one!

Love my baby Ruth! She was very smiley and fun today!  She loved doing the silly face pictures too.

Brock I have a hard time getting a NORMAL smile out of, he gives me lots of FAKE smiles but I finally got ONE! I love this smile too!
Ethan has a hard time doing a normal smile to... they are often fake. So this was as good as it gets. It is crazy seeing how big he has gotten. He is almost as tall as me.  I am sure he will pass me up this year!

Their favorite silly face one!
Here they are actually looking for and cutting down our tree. The others I took mostly because I haven't gotten around to getting family pictures scheduled and wanted something to maybe send out a Christmas card. I love how happy Ruth is in this picture though!
Ethan helping Amelia cut down the girls tree. Yes the girls and the boys have their own trees. Every year I tell them that if they get their room clean before it is time to go get our tree they can have one in their room. They also have to keep their room clean the entire time they have their tree or I take them down. They love it and so do I!
Ruth loved being out in nature and trying to get dirty and looking for pretty trees... we will see what she  thinks of having a tree in our house tomorrow... she already LOVES all the other decorations I have up! Lets just say all the non-breakable things will be on the lower 4 feet. I just know she will get something over there that will help her reach higher then she is tall.
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