Sunday, November 6, 2011


Halloween day my kids didn't have school. It was an inservice day. So I thought it would be fun to throw a Halloween party for the kids. I have ALWAYS wanted to do this and never thought we had a good time to do it between school and other activities that fill up the time. So since we had the whole day off I went for it. We played musical "chairs" it was really on papers.

Classic eat donuts from a string game!

We also played pin the face on the jack o lantern, and we had lunch I wish I had taken pictures of it. I made "mummies" (hot dogs wrapped like mummies), Brains, (jello mold), Lips and teeth (apple slices with mini marshmallows between two slices) and bones, (yogurt covered pretzels) I also made Skeleton cupcakes, and pumpkin rice krispy treats. It was all a lot of fun. Just don't ask my kids if mom will ever do this for them again.... I typically like to share the fun stuff we do but let me just say the party was FUN! But getting my kids to get ready or clean up after the party was NOT so I told them I may never do it again. Mostly because I had done all the prep work, went to Vegas and came home the day before, and needed to get a ton of other stuff done for the bazaar... Not my favorite Halloween, but the party part was a lot of fun. I probably will do it again, just not the day after I get home from a trip out of town.

I had a hard time getting excited about Halloween this year because we couldn't decide on costumes I really liked that were going to take little to NO effort on my part, like I said, I went to Vegas and I am getting ready for the bazaar that is literally days away! Finally I needed a last minute idea for Brock the week before for a party and I told him I could wrap him in TP and he could be a mummy or I would cut a sheet and he could be a ghost. All the kids loved his ghost costume so much we all were ghosts. It was super fast and easy for me so away we went! Even Ruth loved it! She didn't want to take it off and wanted to wear it every day after I had cut them up. Some times it was ALL she wanted to wear. It was kind of funny watching a tiny person run around with nothing but a tiny sheet on! So cute!!!

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