Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hayden's 5th Birthday

So it isn't actually Hayden's birthday yet... but it is this coming Thursday. Which also happens to be in the middle of the bazaar. So we celebrated with friends Saturday. It was a lot of fun. Hayden planned most of it I hardly did anything. It was  a fairy party. They played Fairy Fairy Troll. (Duck Duck Goose)

This is a couple pictures of a game Hayden made up. It is fairy's get chased by the Alligators. All the girls were fairies, and would fly around and the boys were the alligators and had to chomp them. If you got chomped you were out, last one in was the winner. (I gave the winner of each round a piece of Halloween Candy)

Hayden "wanted" cake pops. (I say "wanted" because I kind of talked her into them. Mostly because I had been wanting to make some and I wanted to make some for the bazaar and I knew I would have enough left over I could sell them at the bazaar... You know just multitasking) They were yummy though and she got to help make them!
Oh she also didn't want ice cream (which shocked me because she LOVES ice cream) But I think the thought of getting to choose what ever you want made her think that this was the chance to get some Dora Popcycles! (Since I always say no to those things they are a total rip off! But that is what she wanted for her birthday party so that is what she got!) She will be having Ice Cream cake on her birthday. (Another thing to make my life easier during bazaar week. Although she LOVES that part too!!!)

Claire got her this play dough set which she spent the rest of her day painting and doing play dough.

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