Sunday, November 6, 2011

Emily's Wedding and Vegas

My little sister Emily was getting married the 29th of October and she lives in Las Vegas. So Larry and I bought tickets to go down for the weekend. It was a nice little get away for just the 2 of us. My kids wanted to go but lets get real... NOT a place for kids! Plus who can afford to fly with 5 kids? It was tight just for the 2 of us to go. But so so glad that we went! Luckily I baby sat a bunch this month so we had plenty of spending money. (We don't gamble, don't drink, don't go to dance clubs so it was mostly site seeing and eating which makes it fairly cheep!) Oh but I do have to say I did "WIN" $20. We were walking up a broken escalator and I found a $20 bill! It was out on the street so there was no way to turn it in to a lost and found so it was MINE! Sweet!

These are some cool statues at the Luxor. I was going to take a bunch of pictures of the cool buildings but my batteries were going low and then died while I was taking pictures at the wedding so there are about 8 pictures of our trip! Unfortunately some of what I saw is burned into my brain and I would like to erase those pictures!!!
Here is my beautiful sister Emily on her wedding day. She really is pretty you have to admit that. They got married in the Little Chapel of the West. I hadn't ever been to a weeding like it, it was short, but nice. I didn't get any pictures of her with her husband because again my batteries died. She also has a new step daughter who is so cute! I love her hair. She just turned 11 so she is right between my boys in age. Her and my neice Johnnie hit it off right away! I had lots of fun hanging out with Johnnie and my parents while we were there. There was lots of good food, laughing, and good times. We went on the Roller Coaster at New York New York and had lots of fun walking the streets. My only regret was NOT buying these shoes I saw and TOTALLY LOVED!!! I am very happy for my sister who found some one who makes her so happy! I hope they have a very happy life together!!!

Hopefully I will get some pictures of my crafts for the bazaar and blog about it after wards, but set up starts tomorrow so if I thought I was busy the last few weeks it just gets better from here. But this is the end result and I just pray it is successful! It is always lots of fun though so I am looking forward to it!

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