Monday, December 12, 2011

Gingerbread houses 2011

Hayden got to do the Engine to the Gingerbread train. She had a lot of fun sticking candy all over that thing!

This was Ruth's contribution to the evening. Spill M&M's over and over and over and over.... But she didn't ruin any one's masterpiece so that was good. Plus she had fun. I think there is something wrong with her though. If I had given Hayden those M&M's at that age they wouldn't have had time to hit the floor once let alone 4 or more.... Ruth loves candy, but only certain kinds. None of my other kids ever cared. Ruth's favorites are Resess Peanut Butter Cups, and Smarties.

Brock worked on the caboose, and Amelia did the Gingerbread tree.

Ethan did the "coal car" it was filled with M&M's. hey that is what powers me through the holidays too!
Usually the kids take turns "helping" Larry do the Gingerbread house. This year I had handed him the house told him it was all his! The kids are big enough they did their things all by themselves with NO help and NO instructions so Larry got to do the house all on his own. It really is a work of art! All I did was one gingerbread boy and girl. Ruth did eat the head off the girl for me though. I am usually there just to take pictures, clean up and referee any candy disputes. It was a lot of noise, oops I mean fun!

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