Saturday, December 10, 2011

A visit with Santa

Every year we go to the Carousel in Salem and visit Santa. This is the only time of the year we go and ride the carousel. The kids love it and it is always lots of fun!

I love that Santa will take a break and ride on the Carousel.  I snuck this picture of him sitting in the "wagon" on the ride.
Brock loved his visit with Santa!
Ethan loved that he was tall enough to play this game they have at the carousel. They have a ring catch. If you get the brass ring you win a free ride. He won 2 free rides doing this. He had pulled enough rings he got it down to the gold one for another one but someone behind him pulled the brass one. They waited for him to get it down the brass one and then took the brass one. He was a little irritated, but it was pretty funny! He would hoot and haller when he won though. It was pretty funny!
Ethan even at 11 still loves to visit Santa!

Amelia was so cute. She climbed right up there and visited with him.

Hayden seemed a little shy about getting to close to him but she sat by him and smiled at me.

Ruth not so much. This is the ONLY child I have a picture of like this. All my other kids went to Santa every year, even if they were shy about it. Pretty funny!

Hayden Loved picking the horse she was going to ride each time

Ruth LOVED the rides!!! She would wave at everyone and go "weeeeee weeeee" so cute!

Amelia and Brock had a great time to. The bottom one here is Amelia on my favorite horse. It is one of the 2 Christmas horses. I just love this one!

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