Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ward's primary Nativity

3 very cute Angels ready for the show!

Joseph and Mary all ready
Brock was the Shepard

What a sweet picture of the Nativity.

Amelia as the Angel, Brock the Shepard, and a flock of sheep.

All the angles, sheep and Shepard's went to see the baby Jesus. Hayden informed me after wards that they used a doll for the baby Jesus. Probably because on the way there I jokingly said they should use Ruth as the baby but Larry and I were laughing that the baby would end up jumping off the stage, climbing the tree, grabbing the Shepard's stick and hitting everyone one with it, as well as who knows what else. It was fun seeing the other 4 participate though!
 They all did a good job and it was very cute. They didn't have to talk there were other people who sang, and a narrator. It was a lovely evening.

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