Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My/ Our First ballet recital

This fall I had a choice to make. I had "lost" or severely cut my baby sitting hours since the lady I sit for had lost her job and was going back to subbing instead of full time teaching. Child care is how I have been paying for piano lessons for the boys and dance lessons for the girls. I had at least 5 people ask me why I was not teaching dance since that had been my major in college and the whole reason it had been my major in college. I even had one good friend tell me where I could teach. Even though that place didn't work out I had a very kind friend let me use her garage, which also happened to already have a barre and a mirror in it! So I set off on a brand new adventure! I set word out and got 8 (counting my 2) students. I also worked it out with my boys piano teacher to trade. My boys got piano lessons and her girls got dance lessons. It has been a fun 3 months! Tonight was our recital and I was just so excited to share some pictures. I saw these Tutu cupcakes on line and LOVED THEM! I had to have them for the recital treats! I would have made them myself but I was worried that today was going to be crazy busy and I would not have gotten them done or have stressed about them. Good thing I asked a friend to make them (I paid her to do it). I would have stressed and I didn't have much time. It was a very busy day! I did make the chocolate chip cookies though.

Here is Hayden in her super cute purple tutu. We did a Tangled theme. All their music was from Tangled. So I got them lavender tutu's and a purple flower for their hair. They all looked so cute!

Amelia was so cute. She has been in 2 recitals from her last teacher. It was funny because when I started teaching my girls acted like I didn't know what I was doing. They doubted I knew how to dance at all. I surprised them on the first day when I did turns across the floor. Hayden also informed me that she use to take "real" dance lessons. It made me laugh. It has been a lot of fun being with my girls, and getting to do one thing I love. I am looking forward to what we will do for our next recital.

These are all 4 of the girls in Hayden's class, Natalia, Adaline, Hayden and Hadley. They did a great job in their 2 little dances. 2 of the girls got stage fright but Hayden and Hadley busted it out! They were having so much fun on stage it was cute!

These are all of my girls! Back row (Ruth) Norah, Jocelynn, Amelia, Lucia, Natalia, Front Adaline, Hadley, and Hayden. Ruth got a tutu by accident. I ordered 8 tutus and when I opened them up to fluff them right before the show and the girls were getting them on Ruth kept begging for one and I was not going to give her one (they are for the dancers) I pulled out the 8th tutu, and there was one more in the box. I checked the packing slip it said 8. They sent me one for free!!! I got it out and gave it to Ruth. She was thrilled and had a great time being dressed up like the big girls! She ran around and at the end was posing with them all.  I didn't get any of her doing little ballet poses since my batteries were dying. Which is why these are a little dark/ grainy.  I was really proud of all of them. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to starting again in January.

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