Monday, October 8, 2012

September 2012

 So I haven't posted much this month so out of order I will post a few of the reasons why... Last Monday which technically was October 2nd but honestly still felt like September Ruth fell down our WOOD stairs (from the top).  I was frantic called our Bishop (who is our dentist) he came right over (he lives down the street). I couldn't find the tooth and then he told me it could still be in there. I was confused because I looked and there was NO TOOTH! Sure enough he took a peek the tooth had been pushed back up into her gums. He did an xray the next day to be sure her permanent tooth wasn't damaged. Luckily (actually I think no luck involved here, especially since her wonderful daddy had given her a blessing) Everything was ok and the tooth should just grown back down. It could take 3 months or more but it should be ok. We will keep an eye on it. She loves to show it off and this is how she tells the story in her soon to be 3 words... "I fall down, I scared, I broke it, I broke it, It's gone, hole!" She often will repeat some of those phrases in telling the story but it is so cute to see her try to tell it. It is funny to see her try to see it in the mirror too.

 We went to the Pumpkin patch the last Saturday in September because, well they were open, I had a few hours between a Beehive conference and a Relief Society broad cast and we had no idea when we would have time the rest of October so we jumped at it. Plus the weather was GREAT! If you look back at last year we all had coats on with the hoods up since it was RAINING! Personally I thank my Heavenly Father everyday I see blue sky! I does wonders for my mood and honestly I am just not ready for the rain. It can wait till late November for all I care. Cold is fine, just not rain, although I hear there is some on its way....

 Ruth loved the pumpkin patch and points out pumpkins everywhere we go no. She says it so cute to punkin. I just love this girl!
 She thinks she is Heman I think. Nothing can stop her just watch!

 I love the boys are now the wagon pullers! Larry did push the wheel barrow though.

 Our days are also filled with football. I thought I had more then one of Brock on here but I guess not. He is playing flag again this year. Mostly because his scarrdy cat mom thinks she doesn't want him getting tackled by guys who out weigh me! Next year I will have to suck it up and let him so he can get one year under his belt before he is playing 7th grade ball....

 Ethan is playing in the middle school football team now. Which means away games, travel and not seeing him most days till dinner time or later. So it begins. He is loving it and doing well.

 Now that school is back in I am also back to teaching dance. We started the second week of school back to classes. I started a preschool class mostly for Ruth. I knew she wants to do it so bad that I started one in the afternoon for her and other preschool age girls. She asks me everyday if she can dance in the morning. (During the day) She loves it, loves getting her little tutu on and loves watching her self move. If I can keep her on task it is a good day.... I am excited to see them perform in the recital in December. It should be very cute. We are doing all Beatles music this year! We also added Tap. I found a girl in the Singles ward here that does tap who was willing to use my "studio" to teach girls tap. My girls wanted to do it again we rounded up a few more and she has 6 students! It is working great she teaches Monday and I do Tuesday with Ballet, Jazz and the predance class.

 This is one of Ethan's inventions they came up with! At first I was worried someone would get hurt and went to get video just incase I could make $10,000 off of it on AFV but no one got hurt. They love it and spend a lot of time up there when they have time that is! In between, dance, piano, scouts, football, activity days, homework, chores.... I try to get them some free time so they can still be kids though. Thursday and Friday seem to be our relax days here.
Now I have less then a month till the bazaar and I am not feeling ready. I have most of my vendors lined up, all my adds done, I just have lots of MY to do I want to get done.... if only I had more time! Maybe next week!

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