Monday, March 10, 2008

The Party!

Here are a few shots of Ethan's
Lego party we had the day before his actual birthday. I just wanted the day of his baptism to be special and
for the baptism to be the focus not the party so we did them on separate days. We had a lot of family
over on his birthday after the baptism too.
You can see his face when he opened a new Dr. Seuss book from Brock and Amelia. He is Ethan's favorite author and was thrilled to add to his collection (gotta love it when they are that easy to please!) He also got some much wanted Pokemon cards (mom and dad won't buy them for him but luckily his friend came through!!! We bought him a new suit to wear to his baptism (and to church) along with a new red CTR tie (that matches his dad's!) and later that night we remembered we had gotten hims a CTR pocket knife! He was thrilled with this one and Brock's eyes were huge over that one! He now can't wait to be 8 so he can get a CTR pocket knife too! Grandma and Grandpa Workman got him a new set of scriptures with his name on them, a CTR scripture case, scripture pencils, and a lego set (gotta have fun too!) Grandma and Grandpa Davis got him a really nice CTR ring!
Here are a few of my very first scrapbook pages! I know I know I am not really proud of them but I am glad I did them even wayyyy back then! This first one is Ethan at only 2 weeks old! He was so tiny!

This is a page of all different ages but still very tiny! As you can see the limp neck! But what an angel! I was so in love with that baby! (I still am!)Here is Ethan and I on his blessing day! Who is that young lady holding my baby! (His blessing outfit was made by my mom out of some of the left over satin from my wedding dress! Don't worry there was plenty left to make a dress for the girls!This is Ethan really close to his first birthday! Good to see he was punny long! He was defiantly my chunkiest chunk! Hayden was a very very close second!!!! (Funny how my fastest eaters were my fatest babies!)


Alli said...

Love the old scrapbook pages! It's fun to see how little he used to be, yet how much he still looks the same in some ways.

Amanda said...

I know he is like a bigger version of that tiny person! Gotta love it!

The Hawaiian Gards said...

Ohhhhhh So cute! And wow you look like you were 12 when you had him!!