Friday, March 7, 2008

My Fix it shop!

Many of you know that I have a husband with some amazing "skills!" he has fixing skills like crazy! He can fix just about anything! Today I backed out of our garage and there was a puddle of something and he was looking at it and when I got back I told him our break light just came on! Needless to say he had to do a major break job on our van because it was leaking something.... blah blah a bunch of stuff I don't understand. So instead of spending over $400 at Les Schuab (who we do love for lots of things!) but breaks are way over priced there! Anyway Larry did it all for a little over $100!!!! Yeah for my husband with some amazing skills! (or is it skillz?) But fixing stuff is just one of his many many skills! So I just have to say I hit the jack-pot when it comes to husbands with skills! Who ever marries my boys will probably be just as lucky because as you can see Larry is training our boys young! Put them to work! I am just soooo glad this happened today (Larry has the day off) and not while we are driving to Utah in a couple of weeks!!!


Alli said...

Well, I'm glad one of my friends has a really handy of the perks!

Amanda said...

Yeah it is great that he is also always willing to help others!

Alli said...

Was just reading your profile for fun. I didn't know you liked Beaches! That's an old favorite of mine too. Also, if you loved Roots, you should read Queen - Also by Alex Haley, about his mother's ancestry instead of his father's. It's really good.