Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patty's Day!

Yesterday was St. Patricks day. Which to me is not really a holiday at all but it gives me a good excuse to do something fun for my kids. For several years we have had the tradition of having a green dinner on St. Patricks day (just like our red dinner on Valentines day) Usually I do something that requires a white sauce and just add food coloring. But this year I didn't have the energy to do something from scratch. So I thought I would make Wiener wraps and turn the wrap part green I bought Guacamole chips, and cabbage (oh and green Kool-Aid!) I know I know not the best food choices! Don't you judge me! I was just trying to have fun with my kids. They loved it, I ended up with very green fingers, and and we topped it off with what else Mint Chocolate chip ice cream! (dessert is usually only on Sunday but I couldn't pass it up!) So I though I might share a few pictures of our meal! YUMM!


N & K Caulder said...

You are seriously such a fun mom! I would never think of these things to do. You should do little reminders before holidays of what you're planning so we can all be as cool as you and copy!

Amanda said...

I thought about doing this ahead of time so that I could get some other moms to be as silly as I am but I honestly forgot about our traditional Green dinner until about noon that day! (Good thing I was at the grocerie store when I remembered!) I am glad you think I am a fun mom... I don't know that my kids would always agree. But I just like having a lot of traditions and keeping things interesting.

Alli said...

We had green eggs and ham that day :) Looked sick, but tasted normal