Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1st Day of School

This is the school bus cake I made for the first day of school dessert! My kids loved it and I have wanted to make one for more then 7 years. I don't know why it took me so long!
Brock all excited for his 1st day of 4th grade. I am not sure how this happened. When did he get to be old enough to be a 4th grader. Time has flown. I still feel like I should just be sending him off to Kindergarten! (Oh and the dinosaur lunch box Brock is holding. I MADE! Hopefully the other ones I made will sell at the Gentle House Bazaar!)
Amelia was very excited to be going into 2nd grade! She has Brock's second grade teacher Mrs. Peterson. I am sure this will be a perfect fit for her.
The BIG man this year! MIDDLE SCHOOL! I am really really unsure as to how this happened!!! It makes me feel old, I am certain I am not old enough to have a middle schooler, I guess when you start young this is what happens, but I am still young! He was so excited about having lockers and lots of new teachers, and new friends! I hope he has a wonderful year. He will be taking band (I found a trombone on craigslist cheep) and7th grade math!!!

All 3 of them ready to go!Brock by room 5! Looking already for the day. He has Mrs. Naggair. Ethan's 4th grade teacher. I am very excited about this too. I am sure she will be perfect for him.

Amelia at her table. She is sitting next to a boy named BROCK! It is not a super common name so it is kind of funny to us. Hope it is a wonderful year kids!!!!
When they got home Hayden and I had made them a school bus cake and school cookies. What a day! Hayden loves Mommy and me preschool (it is literally just her and I, but I make it fun and she looks forward to it. She bragged to her brothers and sisters when they got home. She also will ask me to put Ruth to bed by 9 am so we can get to do preschool, since we do it during nap time. )

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