Friday, September 16, 2011

Joys of Toddlers/ Preschoolers

Ruth is the Joy of our home! Ok they all are pretty awesome but there is something about a "baby" that everyone loves. She may not be A baby but she is our baby and she fills each day with EXCITEMENT! She is 23 months old, wears 12 month (some 18 month clothes), is potty trained, and makes a funny sound like kkkkkk kkkkk when she needs to "go" and I never have to remind her. She climbs EVERYTHING, she will even push chairs to get to what ever she wants to climb, This morning she fell off the piano because I turned around saw her on it and told her to get down... she fell getting down (I should have helped!) She loves to yell mom mom mom mom mom mom till I look right at her and say RUTH. She loves peek a boo, and will say it every time you put clothes on her, she loves to be tickled, hates to wear clothes (prefers totally naked if possible), loves to drum on EVERYTHING, this morning we discovered her "art" on her bedroom wall she did in the night. Luckily it was chalk so it washed right off, she will attempt to copy things the kids say, like DUH BOB, (hers comes out more like Buh bob!) She gets new words all the time, she won't stay in a shopping cart to save her life. (I say this thinking of my old self who would probably judge a mom for saying "I can't make her stay put" I would have though yeah right just make them... I can't she can get out of the seat belts even when I cinch them as tight as I can, and she can climb out of the baskets too...) But she makes everyone laugh she is so stinking cute, and all of these things are things that I just love about her. These pictures I just had to take because she has found where I HIDE the pan lids and loves to get them out and bang them together. You can see she makes a funny face some of the time because it is loud in her face. She also loves to put them on the floor and rub them around (making and awful sound on the wood floor). She cracks me up. It is even funnier when she does this when daddy is home because he HATES it. But I am just cool like that so I let her. Larry says it is because I spoil her, I say it is because it just isn't worth the fight, it doesn't bother me, and it isn't hurting anyone... Anyway She is tons of fun, high energy, and makes me so so glad that she is the last one. She will keep us busy enough for 3!
Who wouldn't love this Peanut. (Peanut has been her nickname since the minute she was born at a whole whopping 5lbs 7 oz)Preschool so far (the whole 2 weeks of it) have been a lot of fun for Hayden and myself. Last week we did letter "A" number "1", circles, and Red. This week we did "B" "2" squares, and Orange. This was her letter B art notice it is covered with Band aids and buttons. Then today we made Brown Binoculars, and drew pictures of B lettered things all over them then went on a hunt for B things all through the yard, and house. (We found LOTS!) Then I read "Betty Bunny loves Chocolate Cake" and had her find all the B's in the book as we read. I have to say I LOVE teaching preschool to one kid! I can think of something that morning while in the shower that goes with what we have been learning and have enough of what ever it is I need, plus it is so much fun to just be focused on the one. I hope things continue to go this well all year.
I should post about the rest of the kids too but I did just post Ethan in his football gear, Brock is doing football too but doesn't have his shirt or anything yet. I will have pictures tomorrow from his first game I will post about him later. Amelia and Hayden are both taking dance lessons from me now. I lost my babysitting job since she lost hers, so I don't have the money to pay for the lessons they use to take. Besides that I went to college to do this and it was the reason I took dance was so that I could teach it when I was the mom... I finally rounded up a few students, I have 6 in Hayden's class and 4 in Amelia's. I am teaching in a friends garage for now. It is pretty exciting for me, a little scary, but fun at the same time. I will post pictures of that later.

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