Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Ok this is small but I am feeling thankful for the prompting I had this morning, and wanted to write it down before I forgot. (Not sure if I will publish this or not.) I was taking Hayden, Ruth and Jace to the library for story time this morning and I had a thought, grab your cell phone. I brushed it off thinking I am not suppose to have it on when I am in there anyway. But decided to grab it anyway. We finished story time and just as I was finished picking out books and ready to sit and watch kids do puzzles for the next half hour or so my phone rang, it was the school. Amelia had fell and split her chin open on the monkey bars. So I packed everyone in the car, went and grabbed the first aid kit, and went to the school (not knowing if I could super glue or if she would need stitches). Luckily it was a quick clue it back together job and I took care of her right there. But I was just so glad to not only have had the prompting but that I listened. She would have been sitting at the school for an hour by the time they would have gotten a hold of me if I hadn't had my phone. I know it wasn't life or death. But I know to my little girl it made a big difference that I was there quick. Which makes a big difference to me.

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