Monday, September 26, 2011

Finally a post about the girls bed room!

During the summer I spent a few weeks redoing the kids bedrooms and moving everyone to a different room... I am sure I blogged about it with out pictures but I am not sure if I actually did... It was a crazy time around here. But I finally decided to take pictures and post some on the girls room. Sorry they are dark, it is "fall" now so the sky was gloomy and I wasn't getting much natural light to work with but this room is one of my favorites in the house now! I will post pictures of the boys room.... when it is clean, so maybe never!This is a ribbon chandlers I made! It is just an embroidery hoop covered in cute ribbons that match their room colors! FUN!

Here is the top of the house bed. You can see through the window is Amelia's bed. It is like the coolest little fort up there! Every little girl that has come to our house since it has been done has LOVED their room! (Hey so do I!)

This is Hayden's bed. You can see through the little window there is a "room" inside there. That is where the girls have organized all their dolls. It is cute how they actually organized everything in there. They have the cradles all made, babies tucked in, doll clothes in a box....

This is the school house end of the room. That chalk board sitting on the floor will be hung after I repaint the black board. You know in all my spare time! These antique desks I LOVE!!!! I basically stole them at a garage sale! I want to paint them or redo them but my husband has FORBID me from doing that! He says they are way cooler, and worth more with all their "character" He might let me put furniture wax or something to polish the wood... I still love them anyway. (What would you do if they were yours?)

Here you can see Ruth's bed, the "dinning area" and the "school house" and the corner of the kitchen. It looks like it is crowded in this picture but it is not. It is a huge room so there is plenty of room to move around in here!

Another angle of the school house and Ruth's bed. I do want to find a hidden way to keep the little people but haven't come up with something yet. I don't like the look of them in this room but my kids do still play with them and love them and I won't get rid of them. They are probably the only toy I will keep for my grand kids. They are well loved in this house... just need a nicer way to be kept.

Here is the kitchen/ laundry room area with the dinning room. Oh this beautiful oak table and chairs were built by Larry's dad for Amelia's birthday when she was 3 or 4 I think. They are LOVED by all the kids that play here!!! They have served many "tea party's, and dinners."

Full shot of the house/ book shelf and the Barbie house in the corner! Don't you want a bed like that! I know you do! TO BAD! I spent HOURS and GALLONS of paint on that sucker!

Another angle of the cuteness called BED!

More cuteness,

Angle shot of the cuteness. Dotty just wanted in on the action. Oh and don't you love that cute little stroller. I bought it from a friend. It was hers when she was a little girl. LOVE THIS ROOM! Oh and don't look to close at the curtains. I made them and wanted to see if they were going to be the right length... all that jazz but didn't have any rods, SO I tacked them up and haven't gotten around to getting a rod (plus I am tapped out on money to spend on this project till later...) Also want to add some kind of wall art in those big spaces..... but again need money and a great idea as to what to do there.... hmmmm I am kind of wishing I could have my cousin come and paint a mural or something... maybe we will see.
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Julia Shinkle said...

So cute Amanda! I little girls Haven or Heaven! : )

Miss Sparkles said...

Oh my goodness, I had that exact same laundry set when I was a kid!! I love this room, I would have loved a house bed like that when I was their age!