Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Last Trip out for the year!

Larry and I decided that since the weather was AWESOME this last weekend we would go sneak in one more camping skiing trip before football, took over and the weather turned. So Friday night we took off to Green Peter.Ruth decided she loved the water (she wouldn't get in the deep water at all the whole rest of the summer, at the Lake that is!) But she climbed out of the boat on her own (I caught her). She LOVED IT!
She loved playing on the knee board!
Brock's favorite is the knee board! He will only ski when we talk him into it. He enjoys the knee board a lot more!

Ethan on skis. He loves to do it all, knee board, ski, and wake board. Larry and I both skied as well. It was a nice little trip out. We had to rush home for a temple trip with the youth from our trip in the evening! Well worth it!!!!

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