Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Since I am not able to do the stairs I haven't seen the boys room since Christmas. The other night Larry wasn't home at bed time and I was struggling having my 8 year old putting everyone else to bed.... I called my wonderful friend Denise to come rescue me. She and her 12 year old daughter Anna came to my aid and got them all into bed. (Unfortunatly the next night Amelia started to demand that Anna puts her to bed!) Anyway Denise laughed and told be that the boys had made hammocks in the bunk bed! Larry took a picture of it last night so I could see. I didn't think Brock could actually sleep in it but apparently he can and so does Dotty (our dog) You will have to excusse the HUGE mess and the fact that my boys often sleep with no shirt (they aren't allowed out of their room like that though!)

Christmas day while the kids were all playing with their toys and enjoying the day I walked in the kitchen and caught this sight. As soon as Brock saw the flash of my camera he ran and hid his face. He was so embarassed to be caught playing with Hayden's new babies. But I thought it was so cute!


Alli said...

I LOVE that child!! Can I keep him?

Alli said...

"First Date Kit" :) That's too funny. But really, what does it say that my twins have first aid kits in their room? (It's just a coincidence, I swear!)