Monday, January 5, 2009

Santa Take Two!

Santa brought Brock a remote controlled dinosaur on Christmas morning. The sad thing was that with in the hour it wasn't working. So a few days later my wonderful friend drove me into Salem (since I can't drive with my injury) to return the wonderful dino to Toy's R' Us. (We are told this is where you can return Santa's toys! We exchanged and brought another one home. With in the hour AGAIN Dino doesn't work. This morning the boys left for school, the girls went to a friends house and my friend came to take me to get my second set of X-rays and trip to Costco. When I got home there was a wrapped present in the same Santa paper to Brock! He got home just about 20 minutes after me and was soooo excited to see a gift for him. He tore it open and was beyond excited!!!! It was like Christmas all over! So I guess Santa felt really bad about giving him a junk dino and to make up for it took it away and gave him a much much better one!!! The only sad thing was he had to wait 4 hours for the battery to charge! Right after dinner it was go time and this is the result!!! Hayden was really scared at first! It started making noise and she was far away from it. But after just a few minutes she thought he was funny, but still not willing to get to close! Brock agrees that this one is much better! They have spent the rest of the evening feeding "Spike" My little Ponies! Brock keeps telling me how nice Santa is and he even thanked Heavenly Father for it in his prayer tonight! Sweet!

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The Hawaiian Gards said...

So fun- good job Santa!

Mo said...

That's awesome! So did Santa come back from his after Christmas vacation to take care of it?

Amanda said...

He must have! Brock is convinced that he just portaled it here. I don't know how he came up with that.