Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow White and the Ho Ho's!

My girls love the Disney Princesses just as almost every other little girl does! Well my two year old is pretty funny about the whole things. A month ago she called ALL of them "Rella" (her version of Cinderella) It didn't matter what princess it was she was "Rella!" She even got a bunch of princes panties in her stocking from Santa since she had gotten potty trained that month. She loves her "Rella" panties and will ONLY wear them! Anyway this week from the library we checked out Snow White and the Seven Dwarf's on DVD from the library (I know it is shameful we don't own it! But we had it on VHS and now don't have a VCR! Now they don't have them in the store you know Disney!) Anyway we checked it out and were trying to get Hayden to differentiate between Snow White and Cinderella and she finally started saying "No Ite" The great part to me is that she must thing the dwarfs look like Santa because even before seeing the movie and only seeing the book she was calling them "Ho Ho's!" So now she brings the movie case to me and says "No Ite an Ho Ho's!" I love it! Not as funny as Claire calling Sleeping Beauty, "Freaking Bootie" But it cracks me up!


The Hawaiian Gards said...

Too cute, I love that age.

Rory Baxter said...

Too funny. Isnt it fun to listen to how our children perceive words and what they manage to say with little kiddo skills.
Good for you for blogging and journaling about it. I hope you are keeping printed copies for the future too.
I just cant believe she is really so big already. The time has flown. She is such a cutie and tons of fun, what a lucky mom you are!