Friday, January 23, 2009

A Great Day Published!

Brock's class had a "publishing Party" last week. They all worked really hard on making their books perfect! It was a lot of fun. Lots of mom's, dad's, even grandma's and grandpa's came to the library and listened to the kids read the stories they had written. I just loved Brock's story! He was soooo proud of all the work he had put into it!

(I went to the carousel because it was close to Christmas)
I rode it 3 times because my mom was so kind. (my favorite part!)
On the exact same day. (When Brock reads this to you he tells you see there is going to be a surprise on the next page!)

I cut down my tree. Last night I decorated my tree and made it pretty.
I love his writing and how far he has come! Great job Brock!


Rachel said...

Oh now that is just so cute! He did such a great job! :)

The Hawaiian Gards said...

Good job Brock! He writes really well. i can't read half the things Eli writes.

Mo said...

That's my boy!!! He's my favorite Brock in the whole wide world! I love that he is reading and writing and creating. What a good job!