Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Favortite place to meet!

I have to say that one of my favorite places to run into people is the Temple. It happens quite a bit too! Two times I have gone to the temple and run into my own mom. Not knowing she was even going to be there. The amazing part is that she lives 3 hours away so it is a wonderful surprise! Once I was coming out of a dressing room and she came out of one right across from me! We could have easily missed each other! There have been many other times I have seen some of my great Aunts, people from the ward I grew up in... This past Saturday Larry and I went to the Temple and as I was coming out I sat and talked to a sister from the "other ward" (our ward split 2 years ago and it seems like you don't see all those people you know and love much after that! Even though they live 4 blocks away!) Anyway, We sat and talked till our husbands came out, then as I was walking out I ran into "Ellen" She a big sister of my Best Friend from high school. It was so exciting. I don't think I have seen her since she got married (my freshman year in college!) I honestly think that this feeling of running into those we know and love is as close to what it will feel like when we get to Heaven as I can imagine! Knowing that those you know and love are still doing all the can to even be able to go to the temple is wonderful! It strengthens me and helps me want to stay worthy to enter there! I remember the first time I went to the temple and being there with my family, and those who came to be with me from the ward I grew up in and the singles I knew then! That to is what Heaven feels like!!! Heaven on earth!

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