Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Amelia's 5th Birthday!

Sorry not all these photos are in order! I spent a lot of time trying to get them in the order I wanted them in and I just gave up! Anyway Amelia's 5th Birthday was a lot of fun!

This is Amelia with her Barbie cake! She loved it! It was so easy and fun to make to!
This is the dress up jewelry Amelia got from Grandma and Grandpa Davis.

These are the most time consuming gift I have ever given to anyone ever!!! I made this Barbie furniture. My Grandma Nola had made a set for my little sister when we were little. (I had played with them a lot too!) When my Grandma passed away in October I told my mom there was only one thing I hoped she would find while cleaning out her house and it was the pattern to the Barbie furniture! Luckily she found it and luckily I hurt myself 2 days after Christmas and had to sit for all or most of the day for a few weeks because, if I hadn't had to sit I would have felt guilty sitting and sewing for so many hours. I figured it took more the 16 hours to do the chair. (The plaid takes forever!) But I think the couch took just as long and was much bigger! So it went faster! I loved doing it though. I thought of my grandma a lot and came to appreciate all the time she put into all the things she had made for us to play with. What a wonderful gift that it was! I hope Amelia appreciates them (I HOPE My sister does too since she doesn't have to make them for her kids!!!)

My mom made Amelia all these beautiful Barbie clothes! Amelia loves them!!! She put this pretty wintry one on this morning along with a pair of ice skates that came in a box full of tiny things my mom sent with the dresses. I heard Amelia saying "she is showing her Children of God how to ice skate."
This beautiful Wedding dress my mom made is made out of some of the scraps of my wedding dress! She even made a cute veil! (Of course this was the first one Amelia had to try on her Barbie last night when she opened it!)This blue on has a really cute matching cape! LOVE IT!

Here is the cake! (this is the one I couldn't get to move!)
Here is all the rest of the dresses my mom made for Barbie! Amelia is loving it and in HEAVEN! (Don't tell but Ethan is having fun with it all too!)

Here she is opening it!

The little boy I watch, Kade, came to her birthday party and gave her this and she loves it! She often sticks two Barbies in the handle and bounces around with them! Funny girl!
Here is the Barbie car my mom sent with it all!! Oooh Barbie Heaven!
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The Hawaiian Gards said...

Holy Cow 5 years old!!! That is amazing. I love the furniture you made good job mom! The pictures of her are beautiful too. Happy Birthday Amelia!

Gordons said...

Little Amelia must be the happiest 5 year old. What a great looking birthday. I love the doll cake and amazing barbie clothes. My grandma did the same for me one Christmas when I was little and I loved them. Happy Birthday Amelia!

Mo said...

I'm glad you posted that since I had to miss it. I hope she enjoys them for a long time. Amelia is getting so big.

Rory Baxter said...

WoW! Looks like you guys had a blast. Amelia's smile from ear to ear says it all.
Isnt it fun having little girls? Esp when you can share gifts that you enjoyed when you were little. Congrats on the furniture - it looks really great!
It is hard to believe that she is getting so big already. The time really flies!
SO glad to know that you are all doing well and having so much fun together!