Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I thought today was a good day to make Allison's prize for winning my recipe contest. I talked to her about it a few days ago and told her I had thought of making her a loaf of bread. When she told me she would have been just as excited if I had said $100 I thought "hey if my bread is worth $100 to her I will opt for the bread and still feel like a hero!!!" So today was the day I had a little help!

Don't you just love the cute aprons my girls have! Santa brought them in their stockings! They love them and put them on any time I put my grandma's old raggedy one on. (Don't worry Allison Hayden didn't make your loaf. I just let her play with a piece of dough and she is happy for hours!)

The finished product! As soon as I took this picture I wrapped a loaf and ran to to Allison's house while it was still pipping hot! One of her girls met me at the door (Janelle!) Telling me her mom wanted her to have the loaf. I'm smarter then she thinks I am though! I love how much her whole family loves my bread. It makes me feel appreciated. (It doesn't hurt that when I make bread I might as well not make dinner because that is all my kids eat too!) Oh and today I made a double batch for kind of selfish reasons. I knew I was going to be sharing some and I still wanted to have lots in our house!!! YUMMMM!

This is Hayden showing you where she puts her bread! (In her mouth! This is what she does to me every time she is telling me she ate something!)
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