Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happpy Valentine's Day!

Ok it isn't actually Valentines Day yet. But today was the last day of school for my boys and they had their parties. I just had to share Brock's Valentine holder because it cracked me up! They are jelly bean guys. I told him "I love your jelly bean guys hat!" He said, "It isn't a hat it is my Mohawk!" LOVE IT!

Here is Ethan's just to be fair. Very cute too!

Last year after Valentines Day I had a few people request I post what I was doing ahead of time because they wanted to do it too... We love to have "theme" dinners around here. I do them for most of the little holiday's that I don't do much else for. On Valentines Day we have "red" dinner or Pink as it usually turns out to be for some of it. Everything on the table is red. I like to do something with a red sauce (spaghetti, lasagna, or stuffed shells), beets, strawberry milk or cherry 7up, Oh and when I do the french bread I die the butter pink with food coloring and spread it on there before I toast it in the oven. Then the bread turns pink. Oh and there is always some red Jello involved! I have turned mashed potatoes pink, as well as Alfredo sauce. This is always fun. I turn St. Patrick's dinner green! They love it and it makes it fun for every one! Have fun!
I also make them all a special cookie that I frost their names on. This brought a lot of controversy last year when I wouldn't post Larry's cookie. HA HA! But They love seeing their name on a big cookie just for them.
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Rachel said...

Love the mohawk!! Too cute! My kids will be bringing home all their valentine stuff tomorrow! They should also be in a nice sugar coma by bedtime.:)

And I love your theme dinners! That sounds like so much fun. I should try something like that sometime I'm sure my family would love it!


The Hawaiian Gards said...

Tooo cute! I love Valentines Day!