Saturday, February 7, 2009


Those of you who know Brock, know that for several years we have spiked his hair. He loves it. "Probably because the first time or two I did it we were in Prineville and my Brothers made a big deal about how cool it was. Ever since then he insists on it being spiked!) Anyway Last Sunday I spiked his hair for church as usual and then Monday morning he woke up with what I call "Bed head" and I realized it kind of looked like a Mohawk. I told him it looked cool. (He just grunts when I say it.) But apparently his teacher and several other people mentioned how cool it looked at school. Since then he won't let me do anything to change it. Only tonight it was hair cut night at our house. He was getting shaggy around the ears! Anyway He wanted me to be sure not to cut the Mohawk off! So I promised him I would just trim the top and not cut to much off just so it wouldn't flop over.... (I only left it 1/4 in longer then usual.) But I think it will spike well and he will be happy! Funny how my 6 year old is obsessed with funny things like that already.
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