Monday, February 9, 2009

Recipe Search!

A few weeks ago I posted that I was looking for recipes to try out on my family. I am kind of board with all the same things.... Anyway I have had a few entries and we are loving them! I am hoping to try a few more!!!! I thought I would repost since it is now under my old posts. If you have any recipe's either leave them as a message or email me! Thanks!!! (as a reminder no fish! Just about everything else we love!)

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Julia said...

Ok Amanda this one is super easy and fast:

Boil your favorite pasta. We use the whole wheat curly kind, it's fun for the kids. Brown some ground turkey or beef. When it is browned add a taco season packet. Add some diced green bell pepper and onion if you want. Let the veggies soften. Serve the meat mixture over the pasta with chedder cheese and sour cream. Use as much pasta and meat as you think your crew will eat. Enjoy!