Monday, July 11, 2011

Theme day Thursdays (which we did on Friday)

Thursdays we try to have a theme and eat foods, and do crafts that go with the theme. I missed taking pictures of the teeny tiny pancakes we had but I took some last time we did this back in September. They are tiny pancakes and we eat them in a bowl like cereal with syrup and butter on them. YUM! I bought these tiny "crabby patties" for teeny tiny day. (I got a box of 8 for 98 cents!) The kids thought they were fun!
Then we did teeny tiny crafts. Brock and Amelia took an art class last summer where they got to do these and we loved it so much we wanted to do them again this summer! (minus paying for a class). I bought them all little wooden boxes (which I got for 40% off at craft warehouse so they were CHEAP) and some bake to dry sculpty clay. They make their objects to go inside the box and they paint the box, then they will each write a story about the things they made. I actually made these for Hayden... she was having a hard time (although she was still having a blast, I just wanted to play too and made these and told her she could have them. Not bad for my first time ever with sculpty clay!)Here is Brock showing our teeny tiny dinner. Larry ended up having the day off of work so we went on a spur of the moment camping trip. I had planned these lil smokies for dinner only I was going to cook them different at home. But I thought what the heck we will just roast them over our camp fire. The kids had a blast with this! (I did bring regular hot dogs to to fill our tummies more then just a teeny tiny bit!) I also brought coleslaw (aka teeny tiny pieces of food)
We attempted roasting these mini marshmallows. They just burn but it was fun trying (I did bring regular ones too though!)Hayden eating her smore!
Here is a picture of Ruth holding the Teeny tiny marshmallows before she ate a not so teeny tiny amount of them and then threw up a NOT so teeny tiny bit all over me! Ahhh memories!



what a great idea..theme Thursdays...what else have you done a theme with?

Amanda Davis said...

We have had Monkey day, next will be a Hawaiian theme I think. I have some fun food ideas and easy crafts, We are also going to have a Giant day (opposide of teeny tiny), and an outerspace day, I haven't come up with the rest but they will come to me!