Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Little bits of life!

We bought a pool pass for the first time this year. My kids are loving it and I am loving it too because I can use going to the pool as leverage to get things done with out crying and fighting! We are going to love it up all summer and we are all going to be very brown by the end of it!
Brock got to "Bird Sit" while our friend/ his kindergarten teacher was on her honeymoon. He was in heaven feeling so responsible to care for them. He did a great job and was thrilled to make a little extra $ on the side!
I love to watch Claire Hayden together. They are so cute, they go from playing so sweetly and sharing snacks to baby smack down. It is pretty funny! This picture I took with out them knowing. I was watching the girls on Tuesday and I saw them playing so nicely I grabbed the camera and snuck a few shots of them together.
All dressed up with some where to go! Amelia was so excited to go to one of her best friends birthday party last week! It was a dress up party and Amelia was thrilled! We don't really own any dress up clothes so she got to borrow some from another friend (thanks Allison!) She loves to feel and look like a princess (who doesn't!) She had such a great time getting her nails painted and having cake and ice cream! What more could a little girl want?

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Gotta love those babies!