Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Two days after vacation!

So I have been home from vacation 2 whole days. Want to know what I have accomplished? Well I did about 15 loads of laundry (6 of them were sleeping bags!). We even got them folded tonight! Yesterday I went and picked 30 gallons of green beans and today, I canned them (not all of them!) But I did can 56 quarts! Yeah me! My house isn't all back together but give me a break today was Hayden's first day of potty training. She will catch on quickly I think. Right now sitting there is just the quickest way to get a few M&M's but she did have a successful poop already!!! I know to much Information! But it is just so exciting to me that she is even willing to try it! Although a little sad to because that just makes her a little girl instead of a baby. But you gotta strike when the iron is hot!


Rachel said...

Holy Beans! Your on a roll with all the canning. Last month is was Jam (yum) and now Beans. Can I pay you to can for me? ;) You rock.
And they look yummy too boot!


Oh and congrats on the potty training. I just did Corbin FINALLY.

And did you ever decide what to do with those cute little rabbit decor thingys?

Amanda said...

I haven't decided what to do with the rabbits. My mom says throw them away but I think they would be cute for something.... just not sure what yet. I definatly take pay for canning. There have been times where I have made deals with my mom if she buys all the fruit I will can hers and mine. (usually because I don't have the $ for the fruit and she doesn't have the time!) So it works well. We have just barely started the potty training, I may give up in a few weeks if she doesn't take to it but I would rather keep at it because she is so willing to try!

The Hawaiian Gards said...

Good job! I love the satisfaction of seeing a counter full on canned jars!!